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Sixth Annual Interdiaconal Public Speaking
As it is the tradition, the first week of October the three Colegios Diaconales gathered at one of the schools to celebrate the famous Public Speaking Competition.

Speaking in front of people coherently is not an easy task, doing the same in a language that is not our native it might be even more difficult. 


For almost two months the participants wrote about a topic, prepared their speeches, chose their pictures for the power points and finally practiced a lot to do their best during this competition.


And,  they did a great job not only presenting their arguments and ideas about the topics but also answering the jury’s question confidently. The subjects this year ranged from families deciding about organ donations to immigration and Chileans readiness to deal with the afore mentioned matter, also teenagers commitment with social issues in our country.


It was a satisfaction to see the contestants speaking on stage and it is a pleasure today to congratulate them on their ability to speak in English.  They are an example of hard work and determination.  


Other outstanding presentation was to see third-grade students from Electivo de Drama perform William’s Shakespeare’s “Macbeth soliloquy” as well as Emilia Dides singing “I was brought to my senses”.


Thank you to all the students, teachers, head of departments and everyone who contributed to the competition, making of our Sixth Annual Public Speaking a great success.